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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ceramics Summer Studio Sale

Come by Oak Street Hall and join some of the U.N.T. Ceramics Grads for a Summer Studio Sale!

Say farewell to those who have graduated and are moving on and checkout those who are just settling in.

The Sale will be:
June 30 --- 12pm-6pm
July 1 ---- 10am- 6pm
July 2 ---- 10am-6pm
July 3 ---- 12pm-6pm

and then again the next weekend:
July 8 ---- 10am-6pm
July 9 ---- 10am-6pm
July 10 --- 12pm-6pm

Artists involved are:
Valerie Banes
HP Bloomer
Michael Garlitz
Jason Hyde
Marty Kruk

Chris Melia
Geryn Roche
Lauren Smith