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Monday, April 22, 2013

TODAY: Visiting Artist Sally Packard

All are invited!!

Visiting Artist Sally Packard
sponsored by Core Drawing
Two Open Lecture presentations today!

Sage Hall, room 116

April 22, Monday, at 12pm-1pm and 1pm-2pm

Professor Sally Packard currently serves as Director of Art at Texas Christian University.

She has exhibited her installation work and sculpture throughout Texas, as well as across the United States, Sweden, Poland and England. Recently, Professor Packard has begun to conduct research around the subject of cross-disciplinary learning in higher education and the impact this has on students once they enter the work force. She believes artists and designers are particularly well suited for cross-disciplinary pursuits because of their particular abilities to think critically and to creatively solve problems. Furthermore, she initiated and created a cornerstone course for all incoming freshmen art students. In addition, she was a member of the iThink team who created a series of team-taught, cross-disciplinary courses for all undergraduate students at The Sage College.