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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yuma Symposium 2013

Yuma Art Symposium is referred to as “comfort food for hungry artist,” a back yard BBQ that got out of hand.

Taken from the web site:
The Yuma Symposium is a series of demonstrations, lectures and slide presentations given by both internationally recognized and emerging artists who have demonstrated unusual talent.

Activities include an exhibit of work by presenters and a student show, the National Saw, File, & Solder Sprints, Show Your Stuff night, the annual pin auction, shopping and eating in Algodones, Mexico, and a fiesta and dance on Saturday night. 

This year was the 34th Yuma Symposium. In attendance representing UNT CVAD:

CVAD Faculty: James Thurman and Harlan Butt

Graduate Students in Studio Art: Hetty Estes, Tamar Navama, Joy Ude, Chesley Williams, William Bridges, Fari Rahimi, and Liana Tomchesson

Undergraduate in Studio Art: Dani Manning

In this year’s National Saw, File and Solder Sprints the UNT team (Hetty Estes, Tamar Navama, and Liana Tomchesson) won the “Style Award” trophies.

Extending an invitation to all of CVAD, we will be hosting “Spirit of Yuma,” an event on April 25 to promote next year’s symposium.