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Monday, October 1, 2012

Student Opportunity - CrewKids

Crewkids, a Texas based non-profit supporting children's causes, is working with UNT Business, Marketing and Logistics faculty and students to develop a marketing and operational plan to secure corporate funding for Crewkids' fund raising and awareness building efforts on behalf of children's charities locally, nationally, and globally. An important and essential part of the draft proposals we are developing for specific brands is to have drawings and graphics that bring to life the concepts, themes, and specific projects we are proposing. We are looking for a student that has an interest in working with us, illustrating the ideas and specifics projects we are proposing.

As a starting point we are after some sketches of a promotional vehicle that we are proposing to build and display as part of a charitable outreach program we do at pediatric facilities as part of the Crewkids program. Our proposal targets Sharpie (markers) and includes building the Pen-Rod (working title), a functional promotional vehicle (think Weinermobile) that will be used as part of hospital visits, promotional appearances, and fund raising activities.

This is a concept on which we would like to base added drawings. We would like to have drawings available by mid-late October if possible and include a variety of perspectives and possibly 'action shots'. We are not looking for a great amount of detail or mechanical accuracy per se, but are more concerned with conveying the unique recognition of the product....in this case Sharpie's Chisel Point marker. The provided sketch provides the theme and look we are after.

We anticipate needing a number of drawings on a variety of themes based on targeted sponsor brands, themes and logos and we are looking to find artists with whom we can work to create the unique artwork we would like to incorporate into each specific proposal. The Sharpie drawings are to be an "audition" as we try to identify the talent we need and can work with for a Sharpie alliance and other soon to follow proposals for which we can provide compensation.

Please email questions/comments to RJ Smith or call 972-804-8565.