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Friday, June 3, 2011

SNAG Update from Professor Ana Lopez

From Professor Ana Lopez:
In addition to the on-site exhibition referenced in a previous post, two of our students were also featured in a separate, live juried student slide show at the conference. The total number of applicants to the slide show was 285, from 50 colleges and universities, the number of images submitted was 1170. The presentation video was shown at the SNAG conference on Sunday June 29th at 12:30p and is now online at the SNAG website

The two students who got in were Loring Taoka and Parker Brown, recent graduates of our MFA program. Information on them and their works follows:

Loring Taoka (Hometown: Campton, NH)
Description: This piece is from a body of what that questions perception and readability through the use of ambiguous objects. Continually occupying a grey area, the work aims to create aesthetic arrest through interstitial/hybridized forms, asking the viewer to reconcile the form, function, and overall understanding of object-ness.

untitled - from Whiteout
7.5" x 4" x 2.5"
Brass and spray paint

Parker Brown (Home town: Denton, TX)
Being a native Texan and an amateur historian, I have been keenly aware of the historical implications behind current tensions along the United States/Mexico border. The region of my birth has, at one time or another, been inhabited from a wide range of ethnic and cultural groups. This piece, based upon a style of 16th century helmet used by Spanish conquistadors, seeks to point out the inherent fallacy of applying ethnic and cultural absolutes in defense of the exclusionist and violent behavior being exhibited by both sides of the United States’ southern border.
This Land Is My Land. This Land Is Your Land (2010)
steel, brass, leather, wood, fabric, sinew
17.25” x 13.75” x 14”