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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NoiseFold (and Guests) at UNT College of Music

Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater Feb. 14/15 8PM

Whether seen simply as a work of art or encountered as an intellectual and spiritual event, the loss of self that occurs during a NoiseFold performance is balanced by a gain of understanding.

–The End of Being

Melding real-time animation and generative electronic sound within the legacy of cybernetics, NoiseFold unleashes a suite of selected movements from its live cinema works ALCHIMIA, and nFold 2.0. Using sensor-activated computer systems and complex audiovisual feedback models, the NoiseFold performers synthesize a mesmerizing array of bio-mimetic visual forms that generate sound, celebrating the evolution of visual music as a form of instrumental play with semiautonomous systems. From subtle lifelike emanations to roiling upheavals of sound and light, their audiovisual events are at once familiar, mysterious, and strange. The result is a powerful synaesthetic experience where noise, music and image interact on a symphonic scale.

NoiseFold make their second appearance at the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater in the UNT College of Music for two consecutive evenings, Feb. 14 & 15 at 8:00pm. NoiseFold founded by UNT iARTA professor David Stout and iARTA research associate, Cory Metcalf, will be joined by UNT faculty composers, David Bithell (trumpet / electronics) and Andrew May (violin / electronics).

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