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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alumni News

Matthew Metzger (BFA-Drawing & Painting, 2006) finished his MFA at the University of Chicago in 2009 and was accepted to the Skowhegan Residency Program for the summer of 2009. Upon finishing that he has been doing a few projects with artists that he met in Skowhegan as well as working on a few solo shows. He is now represented by Tony Wight Gallery in Chicago where he currently has a show.

Matthew is currently working on new paintings for a show with Arratia, Beer Gallery in Berlin as well as a solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, both in May 2011.

From Matthew: "Things have been going well and I have been very busy. I think about [the faculty] often ... as I run through questions you brought up to me in critiques 7 years ago while working in my studio today! Again, Thank you."